VIN+ Wine & Beyond

Wine and Beyond means countless value that we can experience from the wine itself. It is also about what we can share to others in positive ways, and it is about how we can contribute in making our valued customer as better wine knowledge enthusiasts. That is our basic breath; to give value back to our society.Carrying those values in our minds and hearts and as a hub of the wine society, VIN+ is willingly and gladly share knowledge about wine to customers as to become wine expert and discovering the elegancy, maturity, and boldness within by adding V+I Innovative Hospitality Solutions as a new division that offers range of services towards the society which focus on educating those who wish to start a career in the hospitality industry, refresh their skills or simply learn and explore your hobbies in the culinary, pairing food with wine. V+I innovative hospitality solution also provides training resources and activities to individuals and companies.ll over the world with a retail concept, we also offers wine delivery service to bring your favorite wine right to your doorstep.