​The biggest “WINE CARNIVAL” event in bali.

Marking VIN+ Seminyak Bali’s 4th anniversary, The 3rd Wine Carnival on 19 August 2017 gained high attention from both international and local wine enthusiasts. With over 1100 visitors, this event is exactly what VIN+ Seminyak Bali team has anticipated. Ranging from the age of 20 to 60, the visitors come from many expertise and background such as students, hoteliers, business owners and those related to hospitality industry.

Highly indulged by all kinds of culinary and beverage selection with special price, all visitors experience unique meals and wine from all around the world starting from IDR 50.000. Entertainment is also a strong attraction in The 3rd Wine Carnival. Kecak, barong dance, bumbung dance, percussion and performance from international and Indonesian DJs are among the ones bringing the event alive. Visitors can also participate in fun games like dice throw, ring
toss and other interactive activities.

This event has started to create more awareness among the locals that wine is the perfect beverage to be paired with their daily meals. Therefore, from all the positive response the event has gained, VIN+ Seminyak Bali thanks all the audience and can make sure that wine carnival 2018 will be coming with a whole lot more one of a kind entertainment and experience.

The biggest WINE CARNIVAL event in bali